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Who Is Calling From 716-210-9685

Why should I call 716-210-9685?

Who is calling from MetCredit USA and Why Call Back?

If you have received a call, email or text asking you to call MetCredit USA at 716-210-9685, you may be wondering whether or not to call back. The short answer: YES.

MetCredit USA, formerly known as CBJ Credit Recovery, is a trusted U.S. debt collection agency. If we are calling you, it is because one of our client organizations has hired us to collect a debt.

If you have been called in error and are NOT the individual we’re looking for, please Report a Wrong Number to us.

Caution: If you DO in fact owe the corresponding debt, any resulting delays can lead to escalation along with more severe and lasting consequences.

At MetCredit USA, we work for many well-known American organizations including healthcare, banks and credit unions, mobile phone providers, multi-national retailers and businesses of every size. We have been in continuous operation since 1935.

Why Take a Call from 716-210-9685 Seriously?

MetCredit reports directly to U.S. Credit Bureaus. The include Transunion, Equifax and Experian. Failure to pay collection agency debt directly impacts your credit score and makes it hard to get:

  • a bank loan
  • a credit card
  • car financing
  • a mortgage or line of credit
  • some types of employment

The good news: we also update credit bureaus when you debt is paid in full, so your credit can begin to recover. By responding to our call and resolving the debt promptly, you may even avoid having a negative Credit Bureau report filed against you.

How Can You Confirm a Call from 716-210-9685 is Not a Scam or Fraud?

It’s smart to question any unidentified inbound call or text. There are countless scams and phishing schemes circulating, and spam or robocalls can sometimes originate from fraudulent callers who go to great lengths to appear legitimate. Check up on any business claiming to be a collection agency to ensure it is authentic before making a payment. This page is intended to help you validate our calls, to fully understand who MetCredit USA, and understand the importance of repaying your debt if we are calling you from 716-210-9685 or one of our other numbers.

Other Numbers MetCredit USA Uses

At MetCredit USA, we work for many large companies, calling thousands of people a day. To do so requires numerous outbound numbers. Here are some of the numbers we currently call from:

Legitimate MetCredit USA emails to initially contact consumers should come from an email address ending with “”. Anything even slightly different is probably a scam, fraud or phishing attempt, and suspicious communications should be verified by calling an official MetCredit USA telephone number that you’ll find on our website.

BE CAUTIOUS. If ever in doubt about a number that has called you representing MetCredit USA, call our head office: 1-888-291-4490. Our agents are here to answer questions and help find a solution.

Let’s take care of that debt and start moving you forward!

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