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Payment Help

Why It’s Important to Pay Debt Quickly

If you are hearing from MetCredit USA about a debt you owe, you need to treat the matter with urgency. When a debtor doesn’t pay promptly, it’s our duty to report the problem to the credit bureaus. 
That means until you clear the debt, you will have trouble securing credit, whether trying to lease a car, borrow money, sign up for a new credit card or get a mortgage. This won’t change until the debt is paid in full.

When you do pay in full, we update the credit bureaus, telling them the debt is no longer outstanding. Your credit report can still show for seven years that a collection agency has been used to collect a debt from you. But once the debt is paid your credit score can begin to recuperate—and paid debt looks entirely different to lenders than unpaid debt.

What if You Can’t Pay Immediately?

If you are unable to pay your debt immediately, it’s important to contact MetCredit USA. The very worst thing you can do is go into hiding and avoid our efforts to connect with you. Together we can formulate a plan to get you back in good standing. It’s important to know that many other good people have been in a similar situation, and there is help to get your debt paid.

Alternative Lenders

Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union
M&T Bank
OneMain Financial