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At MetCredit USA, we have been a trusted partner to U.S. healthcare providers and businesses since 1935. We’re trusted experts and advisors at debt recovery, and are happy provide answers.

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Here are some of the questions we hear every day. If your payment or debt recovery question is not here, reach out to us or call or toll-free at 1-888-291-4490.

For Individuals

to upload proof of payment, and we’ll see to it that the records are updated.

We don’t like to contact people in error any more than you like to be bothered. , and we’ll correct our database. Note that if you are indeed the person responsible for a debt, it still needs to be paid and will continue to affect your credit score until paid in full.

There are a wide variety of sources you can explore. When borrowing from a traditional lender, credit is granted based upon many factors. If your credit rating has some issues, you may still be able to obtain a loan designed to help you consolidate or repay debt. Call our office at 1-888-291-4490 for assistance.

Credit Bureau Questions

You need to pay the debt. Call us at 1-888-291-4490.

We updated the credit bureas, but their reporting may not immediately reflect changes. Your credit score is independently calculated by each credit bureau.

For information regarding your credit file or in case of discrepancy, contact the credit bureaus directly at the following links:

Email [email protected] if you have questions or concerns regarding a collection record that our agency has reported to the credit bureaus. Please include your full name and account number.

We’re very sorry about that. Telephone numbers are recycled and mistakes can happen across various databases. We don’t want to contact anyone in error any more than you like to be bothered. Use the report a wrong number form, and we’ll quickly correct our records. Important: if you are indeed responsible for a debt, it must be paid–and it will continue to affect your credit score until it is. Falsely updating our information will not the debt go away, and will lead to problems and barriers down the road (see next question).

Because collection agencies report to credit bureaus, until you pay the balance owing, your credit score will continue to be impacted. Not only will your credit rating be lower, but when you go to apply for a loan, mortgage or auto lease, the account in collections will be noted in the lender’s report and your application is likely to be declined. You may also be turned down from certain jobs or other opportunities where a credit check is required. It’s also important to know that paying the debt does not not instantly remove the record (which can last for up to seven years), but the collection agency will update the file to show the account is paid in full–which looks much better to a lender than an unpaid file in collections.

For Businesses

Getting started with MetCredit USA is super easy. , and a debt recovery expert will contact you within one business day. The paperwork is simple—we need to know about the debt, and have the evidence necessary to collect it for you. We will walk you through the process step-by-step—and get you paid!

First of all, a customer who isn’t paying is a debtor, not a customer. Presumably you have delivered on your end of the deal, but the buyer has not, so something is broken. At MetCredit USA, our job is to go to work as an objective third party and collect the debt to make things right. We do everything possible to preserve the relationship and protect your brand, something at which we have excelled at since 1935. Not all customers return to our clients, but the ones who do not are usually not the ones you want. Those who do have a heightened level of respect for the priority of your bills. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

When we receive a file, we get started quickly. Regulations can require us to pause at specific stages, and we always follow the rules—but once we have all the information and the regulatory green light, our goal is to collect each receivable within a few days. We keep you fully updated on our progress with detailed reporting.

Simply put, selling debt is usually a bad deal for you, and it can seriously damage your brand by turning your hard-won customers into a low-value commodity. While debt buyers take overdue accounts to action batched with hundreds of others in exchange for just a few pennies on the dollar, MetCredit USA is completely different. When we collect on your behalf, a large portion of the money recovered goes to you. We deal with your customers respectfully at all times, recognizing the value of your business relationships—including the one you have with us!