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Don’t Sell That Debt – Collect It!

Many U.S. businesses have adopted the costly habit of selling debt for pennies on the dollar rather than referring accounts to collections. Here is why partnering with MetCredit USA is much better for your bottom line—and your reputation.

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Keep more of your money.

You work hard for every sale, so selling debt at a greatly diminished value is a bad deal. Debt buyers bundle accounts into packages and sell them for an average of four cents per dollar. At MetCredit USA, our professional collectors work quickly and effectively, so you get paid fast—and keep much more of the money you earned.

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Don’t write your customers off.

When you sell an overdue account to a debt buyer, you’re not merely writing off a loss. You are sending a clear message to the customer that the relationship is over. On the other hand, when you refer an account to MetCredit USA for collection, there is a significantly greater likelihood of the customer coming back to you when things improve. Our experienced team of collection agents are trained at Solution-Oriented Recovery™ to rehabilitate customer relationships and train customers to treat your accounts with elevated payment priority.

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Place your brand in good hands.

When you sell indebted accounts, the agency invariably sees the debt purely as a commodity. The customer is no longer an account with potentially high lifetime value, but a clear one-off. Naturally the relationship will be permanently changed, and the collateral damage gets transferred to your brand reputation. Burning bridges is terrible for business—and your brand.

Ready to collect business debt faster, keep more of your money and preserve worthwhile customer relationships? MetCredit USA is here to help.