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Tenancy Debt Collection Agency In New York State & Pennsylvania

Collect That Overdue Rent!

Debt Recovery Service for Landlords & Property Managers

Tenancy arrears can be a challenge to collect. And once the tenant has abandoned the premises or been evicted, it can become nearly impossible for a landlord or property manager to recover the unpaid rent.

Founded in 1935, the company today known as MetCredit USA, is a consumer collection agency with deep expertise in collecting overdue rent, tenancy lease payments and apartment rental arrears. Tracking down absentee tenants and collecting unpaid rent is what our highly trained tenancy collection agents do—all day long.

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If we don’t collect, you don’t pay

Credit Bureau Reporting

Just like a bank or other financial institution, MetCredit USA is authorized to report clients’ rental arrears to major U.S. consumer credit bureaus. If payment is not received promptly, our reports directly impact the individual’s credit score until we update that the account has been paid in full. This gives MetCredit USA leverage in collecting, and a recourse property owners simply can’t access on their own.

No Collection—No Fee. Fees apply when we collect successfully or if we’re required to take a file to court with your authorization.

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Collect Overdue Rent Fast!

Time is an important factor in tracking down absentee tenants and collecting rental arrears. Don’t lose another day!