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Let’s Get Your Receivables Moving.

Moving and storage companies work for a wide variety of customer types and have unique business needs—especially when it comes to collecting overdue receivables. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, but making collection calls is emotionally stressful for your staff.

Collecting accounts owed to a moving company or storage business is a delicate art. Our highly trained agents collect overdue accounts quickly and ethically. MetCredit USA makes recovering overdue moving and storage debt easy.

What’s more, your reputation is important to future success in the highly competitive moving industry, so you need a collection agency with a proven commitment to ethical recovery techniques.

Leave moving and storage fee collections to the professionals. Since 1935, MetCredit USA has been a consumer and commercial collection agency trusted by:

  • Long-distance moving companies
  • Local moving businesses
  • Overseas & cross-border moving companies
  • Piano movers
  • Corporate relocation movers
  • Storage & moving container companies
  • Warehousing companies
  • Specialized moving companies
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If we don’t collect, you don’t pay

Protect Your Relationships and Your Brand

Your moving or storage clients are human beings who may be struggling with transition, and often can be in a highly emotional state surrounding a move or personal events. We get it.

MetCredit USA agents are highly trained at Solution-Oriented Recovery,™ our methodology built around our longstanding focus on Respect for every individual. We work to collect quickly and effectively as an objective third party to safeguard your brand and preserve client relationships wherever possible.

MetCredit USA is empowered to collect moving and storage debt from consumers in many jurisdictions, and B2B debt from businesses anywhere in the United States.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence for Faster Debt Collection

MetCredit USA leverages proprietary AI algorithms and predictive intelligence to know when a moving company debtor is most likely and most able to make a payment. It’s one of the reasons no other collection agency collects unpaid moving debt faster or more effectively.

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A Legacy of Excellence Since 1935.

Headquartered in Jamestown, NY, MetCredit USA started out in 1935 as a family-run collection agency and built a reputation for excellence and respect in accounts receivable recovery. Today, while our renowned commitment to clients and respect for the individual are unchanged, we are leaders in technology and compliance, using a combination of proprietary software and highly effective Solution-Oriented Recovery™ techniques to collect moving and storage debt fast while protecting clients’ brand reputation.

No Collection, No Fee.

We take on all costs upfront and there are no fees until we collect. With MetCredit USA, you can rest assured your moving and storage receivable accounts are always handled ethically and appropriately.

Make MetCredit USA your Moving and Storage collection agency, and take charge of your cash flow.