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Financial Services
Industry Collections for Loan, Mortgage &
Credit Card Defaults

Financial Services Industry Debt Collection With a Focus on Respect

MetCredit USA is an experienced provider of loan default and deficiency recovery to banks and other lenders in the financial services sector. Since 1935 we have built a proud culture of respect and professionalism to protect your brand and quickly collect outstanding balances, defaults and deficiencies.

MetCredit USA’s scale and expertise as a truly national collection agency enable us to collect consumer and commercial debt anywhere in America. Our proprietary automated communication technology and online Live Chat make it easier for debtors to communicate and pay faster. It’s how we continually sustain among the industry’s highest collection rates, while providing unmatched care for the client’s reputation. We Get It.™

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If we don’t collect, you don’t pay

Chartered Banks & Trust Companies

At MetCredit USA, we have been trusted by many of America’s big banks and trust companies to quickly recover defaults and outstanding balances from bank and trust company mortgages, loans, lines of credit, student loans and credit cards. Trust the professional finance recovery team at MetCredit USA to collect bank defaults quickly whether on individual deficiencies or large-scale lender portfolios.

Credit Unions

MetCredit USA’s, unique commitment to a culture of respect has made us an ideal fit for our Credit Union clients. Because a Credit Union’s account-holders are also owners, the highest level of professionalism and respect are called for, and our experienced collection team delivers. Count on the professional loan recovery team at MetCredit USA to collect Credit Union loan defaults quickly.

Payday Loans & Alternative Lenders

Alternative lenders offering products such as payday loans, cash advances, installment loans and other higher-risk financing methods need a default recovery partner who works effectively and quickly. MetCredit USA’s experienced and professional collectors are adept at skip tracing and collecting in the toughest of circumstances, country-wide.

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Financial Services Providers, Banks, Credit Unions & Other Lenders CollectionsTrust MetCredit USA to Recover Defaults Quickly & Professionally.