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The Construction Industry Collection Agency

That Gets You Paid—FAST.

Construction and Builders’ Debt Collection With a Focus on Respect

The construction industry is a tough world. It can switch from feast to famine in the blink of an eye. Promises get broken. Contractors change names—or vanish. Suddenly, your construction business is at risk.
We Get It.™

At MetCredit USA, we’re experts at locating business debtors in the homebuilding, commercial construction and building trades industries, wherever they may go throughout the US and Canada.

Our experienced construction debt collection agents are trained at Solution-Oriented Recovery™ to collect construction debt with maximum efficacy, safeguarding your reputation in adherence to our strict code of ethics. We’ve been a leading US collection agency since 1935, and we’re exceptionally good at collecting in the construction industry, from tracking down contractors to leveraging our credit bureau reporting capability in your favor. Put our expert collectors to work and get back to building your construction business.

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If we don’t collect, you don’t pay

At MetCredit USA, we’re your construction industry collection agency. We cover all costs upfront, and we’re exceptionally good at what we do. If we don’t recover your construction and contracting receivables, you don’t pay.

Collecting Construction Debt is Hard. It’s a complicated field of business, populated with every kind of operator. Contractors, materials suppliers and partners too often fail to live up to their agreements, and even when builders liens and bonds exist, they can be a challenge to enforce. If you’ve missed the deadline to file a construction lien, it is critically important to assign the debt to a good collection agency quickly to have a chance at recovering your money. We can help.

Make MetCredit USA Your Construction Debt Collection Agency, and See the Difference in Your Bottom Line.

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