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Accounts receivable frozen out? Let’s get them moving.

You work hard, and your business deserves to be paid. At MetCredit USA, we believe in the fundamental need to keep cash flowing for our clients. Cash flow is the lifeblood of enterprise, and when it stalls, so does your ability to function effectively and profitably.

No Collection, No Fee.

Over 85 Years of Collection Agency Expertise

Founded in 1925, we’re dedicated to service-oriented, ethical debt collection. The MetCredit USA core values and Code of Ethics, centred upon respect for the individual at all times, govern everything we do. Our experienced team of collection agents are trained at Solution-Oriented Recovery™ to collect with maximum efficacy while preserving your brand reputation and rehabilitating customer relationships.

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Don’t Sell That Debt—Collect It!

Many U.S. businesses have adopted the costly habit of selling debt for pennies on the dollar rather than referring accounts to collections. Here is why partnering with MetCredit USA is much better for your bottom line—and your reputation.

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Healthcare & Medical Receivables Collection Expertise

For generations, MetCredit USA has been a trusted partner to American healthcare providers for collecting skilfully and effectively, with an enterprise-wide commitment to excellence. Our collection philosophy embodies a consumer-centric approach, supported by our in-depth healthcare collections training program and thorough integration of regulatory compliance measures with our healthcare collection operations. Our recovery agents are exceptionally knowledgeable, courteous and professional in communicating with your customers – ensuring compliance and maintaining customer dignity and goodwill toward your brand.


Visit MetCredit Canada

Is your business owed money by a commercial or consumer debtor in Canada? MetCredit is licensed and bonded to collect B2B and consumer debt in all Canadian provinces and territories.

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If we don’t collect, you don’t pay

At MetCredit USA, we cover all costs upfront, and we’re exceptionally good at what we do. No collection, no fee.

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